Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Details and Washer/Dryer Dilema

Here are a few details originally left out. Top pics are of the hills seen from the Master and north and south windows. Each level of the house is 1406 sq ft. The address is 361 Northgate Loop. If you look at Google maps you will just see a blank piece of land. The land is in between two completed houses on a 16,000 sq ft lot in the city. We are a block away from the golf course and a great elementary school. The main level is the major living space where the basement will be finished in the future. Right now we are thinking about paint colors, trim and cabinet colors, and were we will place our furniture. Melissa is worried about not having a washer and dryer on the main level and whether or not there should be a window in the kitchen at the end of the bar instead of cabinetry. Thus removing the window from the dining area. Let me know what you think about these concerns. We could put the w/d in the master bedroom closet???

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its official!!

We signed the initial buy/sell this afternoon and wrote out a check for earnest money. The project is now past the conceptual stage and into motion! Closing date is "on or before" October 23rd.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Here is a nice 3D picture of the main floor which more or less matches the floor plan from the previous post.
Here are the main floor and basement floor plans which provide the basis for the official architectural drawings.

Plans are set

We have now agreed, verbally, to enter into a contract with Hamlin construction regarding the construction of a new house! Our financing has already be pre-approved for the final sale, so we'll be able to sign the papers as soon as we're ready.