Saturday, August 29, 2009


on Friday I spoke with Pat, the project manager, who informed me that the current schedule date for the final inspection has been pushed back to Nov 11th. This is from our original closing date of October 23rd. Frustrating as that is, there was no work done on the house last week although apparently some items (windows / doors) were ordered from suppliers. We're told that work will begin anew on Monday (8/31). *sigh*


  1. Try not to get too frustrated. All of the people I have ever met that have built their own homes ALWAYS have experienced significant delays. It's just part of the territory. Does final inspection mean it's totally finished, pending you guys ok it?

  2. I believe that the 'final inspection' means that we get to say "this isn't right, you need to fix that etc". So I suppose that closing would follow nearly immediately after that.